If the policyholder wants their hire bike to be a different make or model to their own motorcycle, then Plantec Assist will try to deliver to requirement. We call this the ‘Take Your Pick’ of similar motorcycles and it adds real value for the policyholder.

If the hire bike needs to be delivered to a place of work, home or other location, then that is fine for us. Our Transport and Logistics team will arrange the delivery to be as convenient as possible for your policyholder.

Time of delivery is important for policyholders. Many will be working through the day and request a delivery early in the morning or late in the evening or night. We work to a policy that we will do all we can to meet individual requests, regardless of time of delivery, we will always try to deliver when requested.

Our extensive handover process when delivering a hire bike, along with our dedicated helpline for the policyholder to call if any queries, ensures familiarisation with the motorcycles and happy riders.

Owners whose bikes are being repaired enjoy direct contact with the technician working on their machine through our ‘Engineer Helpline’. It allows them to monitor the repair progress and feel connected to the whole process, as well as building trust with the engineer.