With 25 purpose equipped vans on the road delivering and collecting motorcycles every day, Plantec Assist can reach anywhere in the UK at any time. 

Our dedicated transport department aims to set a time and date for delivery of a hire bike on the very first call with the policyholder, reducing time for delivery.

Bikes can be delivered within 24-hours in most cases and the drivers, all motorcyclists themselves, will arrange out of hours meetings if convenient for the customer; they really do operate 24/7 as required by the policyholder.

The drivers hand over the hire motorcycles with comprehensive instructions on use and pointing out any unique features of the bike. They gel with the policyholder because they speak the same enthusiastic language and love motorcycles.

Our drivers are professionally dressed and trained to be courteous, knowledgeable and informative at all times. They are the customer facing element of the business and often come up with new ideas to improve service delivery from their experience.

They create a professional and high service value impression to your policyholders.