In a non-fault accident, Plantec Assist will pursue any uninsured loss recovery on behalf of your policyholder. This is highly valuable additional service and will assist in policy retention for you through increased customer satisfaction.

Sometimes, it may not be possible to repair a motorcycle due to the extent of damage and in this situation, Plantec Assist are on hand to support with the accurate valuation of the bike and negotiate settlement on behalf of the client.

In addition, we will actively support the policyholder with recovery of all other losses including:

Policy excess
Damaged riding kit
Damaged motorcycle accessories
Damaged clothing

Uninsured loss recovery is important to motorcyclists. Their riding gear, such as boots, gloves, helmets and leathers, are very personal choices as well as being protective. If they have an Arai helmet, they will probably not accept a replacement Nitro helmet; they are very different and we understand that and manage the situation.